RJ Radio Stations

When he was 17 years old, RJ Jacinto set up, in his parent's backyard, the radio station that would later become the anchor of the RAJAH BROADCASTING NETWORK (RBN), a media enterprise that would consistently provide quality entertainment to Filipinos here and abroad.

RJ 100.3 FM

Its flagship, RJ100.3 FM, stands as the most succesful radio station whose regular playlist is defined not by genre but by sound, following "the Greatest and the Latest" way of categorizing songs. Blending the classics with the hits of the latest, up and coming artists, RJ100.3 FM broadcasts nationwide on 10 stations, with 9 in key cities.

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DZ RJ 810 AM

RBN continues its commitment to preserving democracy, providing a venue for the free exchange of ideas through DZRJ 810 AM Radyo Bandido. Starting off as a music-oriented station in the 1970s, DZRJ 810 AM would later be reprogrammed to “take the issues to the streets,” becoming a springboard for all that is relevant to be exposed, discussed and debated upon in the public sphere.

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How to listen to our radio stations on your smartphone?

1. Go to you app store then download eRadio Portal Application
2. Launch the eRadio Portal app
3. Search for "DZRJ" or "RJFM 100.3"
4. Click the station name to listen