Philippine Marketing Association president guests on Good Job, Philippines!

Yayu Javier joined host Barbie Atienza and talked about marketing as a career and the current trends in the industry.  Javier, president of the Philippine Marketing Association, guested on Good Job, Philippines! on DZRJ 810 AM last July 5, 2014.
Atienza, said, in her inroduction of Javier,  “We’re talking about doing the right things right and moral ascendancy to leadership in all aspects and all sectors of society in all professions. One of these professions is a profession that really makes a lot of difference in the way we do business; the way we deal with different entities, people, and corporations. I’m talking about people who are into the field or world of marketing.”
When asked about the Philippine Marketing Association, Javier said, “What we do is we really help different marketing people in this industry to be abreast in terms of the marketing trends, and this will help them in terms of doing their jobs better and being more competitive in the market not just locally but also globally. That’s the very reason why we’re coming up with an Asian Marketing Congress.”
The July 5 episode was co-hosted by Genny Marcial and Ivy Rose Villanueva.
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